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Let the romance of Italy pervade your home.


Rufolo is fabric design was inspired by a wall painting found in Pompeii. A simple Pampas grass frond stands straight weaving its way through a suggestion of builing blocks. The background is in a two tone geometic pattern like the sharp lines of bright sunlight and shadow amongst the structures.


The Nero blue and green of the grass, are taken from one of the paintings within a house in Pompeii, whilst the background colour is all natural tones from the stones of the surrounding countryside.


Suitable for blinds and  cutains or  lightweight upholstrey such as headboards.  Use off cuts for cushions and pair with our Vetti fabric for a contrasting scale and co-ordinating colours. Printed to order, minimum order 1m.


Fabric is 135cm wide with a repeat of 66cm wide and 63cm High - basic repeat. 


10% Linen 90% Cotton, hand wash and made in the United kingdom.

Rufolo fabric in Orchid

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