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Pargeting derives from the word 'parget', from the Old French porgeter, to roughcast a wall. The term is also applied to the decoration in relief of the plastering between the stud-work on the outside of half-timber houses, or sometimes covering the whole wall.
The patterns were stamped on the wet plaster. It was done by sticking a number of pins in a board in certain shapes, and then pressing on the wet plaster in various directions, so as to form the figures. Sometimes these devices are in relief, and in the time of Elizabeth I of England represent figures, birds and foliage.
The patterns in out wallpaper design are based on the pargeted shapes found in the tower stairwell in Leeds Castle. Re imagined and coloured to create a traditional looking wallpaper in soft colours.

Paste the wall wallpaper for Easy Installation.


Roll width is 52cm, vertical repeat is 40cm , 1/2 drop

Roll length is 10m. Samples available.




Pargetting wallpaper-green

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