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To capture the joyful essence of Lady Bailey's passions and the vibrant atmosphere of Leeds Castle, this colorful wallpaper design incorporates  exotic birds, lush foliage, and blooming flowers. 


The wallpaper design features a rich tapestry of tropical flora and fauna, reminiscent of the exotic plants and birds in Lady Bailey's private garden and aviary. Brilliantly colored parrots, graceful peacocks, and majestic birds of paradise are depicted amidst lush palm leaves, tropical flowers, and cascading vines.

The color palette is bold and lively, with hues of soft greens, cool blues, warm pinks, and sunny yellows dominating the design. These colors evoke the vibrancy of nature and the joyous ambiance of a garden teeming with life.


Overall, this wallpaper design would create a joyful and uplifting interior, bringing the beauty and energy of the outdoors into any space. It serves as a fitting tribute to Lady Bailey's love for birds, exotic plants, and the enchanting surroundings of Leeds Castle.


Paste the wall wallpaper for Easy Installation.


Roll width is 70cm, vertical repeat is 50cm ,

Roll length is 10m. Samples available.


Our wallpaper is printed on fully recycable paper made from a sustainable source and printed to order to save waste. Please allpw one wek for dleivery.




Garden Aviary-cream

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