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Conker wallpaper is a celebration of our ancient woodlands, teeming with life. Fog is a mid grey colour paper, showing off the hand drawn inky  leaves and the rusty painted squirrels. Celebrating our native red squirrels, bouncing bundles of bushy-tailed energy. The flash of a red squirrel leaping from branch to branch is an unforgettable, but increasingly rare sight in the UK’s woods.


The red squirrel is famed for its orange-red fur, but is actually quite variable in colour, ranging from vivid ginger to dark brown. In winter, the fur is often tinged with grey and large tufts develop above the ears. Red squirrels have a large bushy tail that is almost as long as their body.


A spreading Conker tree is one of the delights of our English countryside. Huge 40m trees are teeming with life , hidden moung the leafy boughs on youe walls are Wrens and Hawkmoth caterpillers.


In May it is covered in spikes of deep pink or pale pink flowers that turn into glossy rust brown conkers in autumn. Fun fact if you dont want spiders in you home hide conkers in the corners of your rooms - they hate the smell!


Rolls of wallpaper are printed to order and availble within 2 weeks.


Printed on a 10m roll of lovely matt paper, 70cm wide with a basic repeat of 110cm

Conkers wallpaper- samples Fog

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